Roof Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance is a critical investment to make. It plays a key role in the life expectancy of your roof, as well as annual repair costs. Warranties insure the cost of damages for a period of time. However, they do not come with a maintenance program. A program like this works to extend a roof’s life cycle. The benefits of this approach become obvious to you once your warranty period has ended, as you must cover the cost of damages after that point. If you purchase a car with a warranty you are still going to change the oil and maintain it, despite the fact that it is under warranty. A roof should be maintained in the same way while it is under warranty.

Roof Maintenance & Repair

Not only does roof maintenance extend the life cycle, it also reduces annual repair costs. Most obvious are the repair costs associated with the roof. However, damages of most concern are the ones that occur to the interior of the building or to the building structure. A building’s envelope (roof and exterior shell) is its first defence. If that is compromised it means that all of the other building systems are put at risk, such as drywall, electrical and flooring. For example, having somebody unplug a clogged drain (maintenance) is relatively inexpensive. While having somebody repair brick and mortar damages that occurred because the water was not drained properly can be extremely expensive.

Maintenance Program

  • To seal storm collars on cones
  • To install missing cone caps
  • To fill mastic pans
  • To refasten loose sheet metal flashings
  • To seal joints in sheet metal flashings
  • To seal HVAC units and related duct work
  • To clean out all drains strainers
  • To replace missing drain strainers
  • To repair ridged and blistered roof membranes
  • To cover bare roof membranes
  • To remove and dispose of all debris on roof area

Maintenance will extend a roof’s life cycle however all roofs will eventually break down. It is inevitable that you will need to repair your roof sometime before you replace it. Since roof damages risk the integrity of the entire building, we take them seriously. We treat all of our repair calls as emergency repairs.

As a building owner or a general contractor you need to know that your sub trades are backed with all of the right certifications. You can have peace of mind in dealing with us as we are fully insured for liability, maintain up to date WSIB and are licensed applicators for all of the common roofing systems.

Customers and recent bylaws inform us that safety has become one of the most important features of our service today. We have taken this to heart, in employing a dedicated safety manager. To provide in-house training to all of our roofers and site personnel. Also, our safety manager is on each job with our team, to inspect and rectify any concerns. We believe there is no exception when it comes to safety.

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