Residential (Sloped Roofing)

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used system on sloped roofs. They are available in either a “3-tab” or “laminated” design. (laminated is also referred to as architectural or dimensional). A 3-tab is an introductory shingle. It is a good choice for large subdivision housing projects. As they can be installed quickly and economically. A 3-tab is also light in weight making it a good choice for a roof replacement in which the existing shingles are not being removed. As it is necessary to be cautious of how much weight you are placing on a building’s structure. The laminated shingle is the industry standard. It is similar to a 3-tab. However it is designed with additional layers providing it a dimensional look and a thicker base. The dimensional look is aesthetically pleasing and works to hide imperfections. Such makes it suitable for custom homes or commercial housing projects. Its thick base makes it less prone warping and provides it with a high wind resistance rating.

An asphalt shingle system is composed of several shingle lengths overlapped across the span of a roof. Which are nailed down for installation. Asphalt shingles have either organic felt or fibreglass cores. Which are saturated and coated with a layer of asphalt on either side. Granules are set into the asphalt on the exposed side of the shingle. The core serves as the shingle’s strength, the asphalt as adhesion and the granules as protection against weather elements.

Typically a vapour barrier as well as an ice and water shield are installed beneath the shingle layer. The ice and water shield adhered by way of peel and stick. While the vapour barrier and the shingle components are nailed down.

Wood, Shake, Slate and Faux Slate Shingles

Wood, Shake, Slate and Faux Slate Shingles are high end materials. They can achieve a prestigious look and longevity. They are often fitted with copper metal work. As copper can uphold the same life cycle as the shingles. It would be inconvenient to have one deteriorate before the other. In the case of slate a unique look can be attained as no piece will be exactly the same. In addition they are available in a fading option which changes colour over time. The slate is also the longest lasting shingle available in the industry.

Wood and Shake Shingles

A wood or shake system is composed of several shingle lengths overlapped across the span of a roof. The shingle is typically cut from western red cedar wood and treated with chemical preservatives to ensure its longevity. Wood shingles are sawn on all sides. Shakes differ in that they are made from split logs and the exposed side is not sawn.


A slate system is composed of several pieces of slate overlapped across the span of a roof. Slate is nailed into place with copper nails. Slate is retrieved from several quarries depending on the preferred colour. It is then cut to the desired pattern for installation.

Synthetic Slate (faux slate)

A synthetic slate system is similar in look and installation to that of an authentic slate system. However the shingles are made of a composite of several materials which don’t include real slate.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are highly durable against intense weather conditions. They are a good choice in climates with heavy snow or high winds. Metal roofs are highly resistant to cracking, eroding and shrinking due to their elemental composition. Metal roofs require little to no maintenance.

Metal roofs are built by interlocking a series of metal panels over a roof deck. The panels are nailed onto the deck.

Metal roofs can be installed in various styles and colours including copper. Copper is aesthetically pleasing and extremely long lasting. Copper roofs are a good choice for custom homes which seek a prestigious look. They are environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable.

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