24/7 Emergency Repairs

The roof is a building’s first defence, if it is damaged the rest of the building is put at risk. If damages are not repaired immediately building owners may incur further damages to the building’s interior or structure. That is why we employ a 24/7 emergency repair service (see link for more details). We have a dedicated repair department that is ready and waiting for you when you need them. If you call our free 24/7 emergency repairs line (1.877.562.6547) you will be greeted personally by our repair manager (see link for more details). Instead of a recorded phone greeting.

Our repair men are employed in-house (rather than sub-contracted) and they work solely in the repair division. This means that they are not tied up on other projects or personal business. They are available when you need them. As repairs are paramount to our service we only employ repair men with 20 plus year’s experience. That ensures that they can locate the root cause and symptoms of your damages. As well as repair them effectively so that you do not have to worry about them anymore.

As a building owner or a general you need to know that your sub trades are backed with all of the right certifications. You can have peace of mind in dealing with us as we are fully insured for liability, maintain up to date WSIB and are licensed applicators for all of the common roofing systems.

Customers and recent bylaws inform us that safety has become one of the most important features of our service today. We have taken this to heart, in employing a dedicated safety manager. To provide in-house training to all of our roofers and site personnel. Also, our safety manager is on each job with our team, making sure they get things right. We believe there is no exception when it comes to safety.

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